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AI Product Manager (m/f/d)

RemoteSofia, Sofia (stolitsa), BulgariaProduct Management

Job description

***This position can be based remotely or onsite in Bulgaria, Germany, North Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, or the UK.

Applicants must have a work/residence permit for the respective location.***

As a Product Manager for AI developments, you will be the linchpin that merges cutting-edge AI with the vast world of 3D and visualization. You will lead and shape the future of our products by focusing on three main pillars:

Generating and Capturing Assets: Leverage AI to simplify and enhance the process of asset creation and acquisition.

Scene Intelligence and Optimization: Push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI to analyze and optimize 3D scenes for maximum performance and visual fidelity.

Intuitive User Experiences: Spearhead efforts to create user-centric designs that streamline workflows and enhance creativity.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Deliver on the product vision and strategy for our AI in 3D and Visualization.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams including AI researchers, engineers, designers, and business stakeholders to bring innovative products to market.

  • Understand and define market requirements, user needs, and technological advancements.

  • Lead the full product life cycle, from ideation to launch, ensuring successful delivery and reception in the market.

  • Monitor performance metrics and use insights to iterate, improve, and grow our AI products.

  • Stay updated with the latest advancements in AI, 3D content creation, and relevant industries.

  • Advocate for the user, ensuring that the products developed meet and exceed user needs and expectations.

  • Define business requirements and target customers; create product roadmaps and product release plans.

  • Set priorities for each product release by collaborating with Development to balance product ambitions with resources, and verify decisions with key customers.

  • Cooperate with the Sales and Marketing team for market analysis and formulate a go-to-market strategy.

  • Define new product features by collaborating with internal teams to design user-friendly and efficient capabilities, which are then validated with customers.

  • Engage with customers for feedback on features and workflows that need improvement and validation of new designs.

  • Create and maintain product requirements documents; write feature specifications and liaise with Development for feasibility validation.

  • Represent the Product in online forums, public events, and customer visits to promote and gain feedback.

  • Conduct competitive analysis of other software solutions in the market.

Job requirements

  • Proven experience in product management, with a track record of shipping successful AI-based products.
  • Strong understanding of 3D content creation and delivery, especially in architectural visualization, VFX or game development.

  • Excellent leadership and communication skills, with an ability to inspire teams and drive projects to completion.

  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills.

  • Technical understanding of AI, machine learning, and deep learning technologies.

  • A passion for merging technology with creativity, and a vision for the future of AI in 3D, visualization and storytelling.

technical skills

  • Proficient in product management techniques and tools such as Aha! / Jira. (or other similar systems)

Key behavior skills

  • Initiative and innovation

  • Customer focus

  • Planning & organisation


  • AI Feature Adoption Rate: Measures how quickly and broadly new AI features are adopted by users.

  • Customer Satisfaction Scores: Gleaned from surveys and feedback mechanisms, indicating the product's success in meeting user needs.

  • Competitive Position: An assessment of how our AI offerings compare to competitors in terms of features, user experience, and performance.

  • Feature Release Timeliness: The punctuality and regularity of AI feature releases in alignment with the roadmap.

Sofia, Sofia (stolitsa), Bulgaria
Product Management